For most people, when it comes to being part of a franchise business, there may well be more things they don’t know than they do. Even those who have been franchisees for years regularly learn something new. Fortunately, those who work with Evergreen Franchise Advisors get a knowledgeable partner who can give them a leg up on others as they take steps into these exciting business opportunities. As part of that, we’re sharing four things you may not know about owning a franchise to give you a head start on learning these lessons. Read on →

Royalty fees are among the ongoing charges franchisees pay for the privilege of being part of an established business with a large reach. While they are part of working with a large number of franchisors, many people do not know what they are or how they work. Royalty fees are not uncommon in many types of business. They are fees paid on an ongoing basis for the benefit of using an operator or owner’s intellectual property, such as a song used in a promotional video. Read on →

Many of the people we work with come to us for help building new lives, architecting a career they love. For some of them, those are more than cliches; they are quite literal as they start their own businesses focusing on home improvement and maintenance. We work with more than 70 of the leading franchises in the space to provide opportunities that work for a broad range of entrepreneurs. From people who have never done a home project themselves to construction pros, and those who want to be super involved in the day-to-day operation to owners who want to set the wheels in motion, then stay out of the way. Read on →

The start of a new year gets many people thinking about making some new beginnings in their own lives. For many, that means taking steps to improve their health. For those we serve this time of year, the new beginning comes in the form of charting their own path forward out from under their current jobs. Maybe the best news of 2022 so far is Evergreen Franchise Advisors has an incredible opportunity for entrepreneurs who would love to combine both of those. Read on →

It’s the season of giving and that may have you facing the dilemma countless business owners face this time every year: finding the best way to show your employees how much you appreciate their contributions. First of all, in case you’re curious whether that gift-giving makes a difference, a poll of American office workers found that 94% want gifts from their employers that help them feel valued. It almost doesn’t matter what the gift is, as long as it shows the employee is appreciated. Read on →

As we move into the holiday season, we’re all facing to-do lists that go on for miles. If you’re an entrepreneur and you don’t have sending holiday greetings to those who help make your business go on your list, there are some good reasons you may want to add it. While sending cards this time of year may seem a bit outdated, particularly for commercial operators, doing it can help show you value those who contribute to your success. Read on →

What if we said you can chart your new course as an entrepreneur at the same time you help people take control of their health and get fitness results they’ll love? Americans’ efforts to improve and extend their lives by being part of a health and fitness program helped grow the industry behind those into a nearly $40 billion industry as of 2019. But the pandemic presented unprecedented challenges for many of those businesses as people avoided communal spaces, particularly those where a breath-borne virus may be more likely to spread. Read on →

With years of experience helping people find the perfect franchise opportunities for their abilities and situations, we sometimes forget not everyone knows as much about these businesses as we do. In reality, there are a lot of details about them that many people don’t know or misunderstand, so we thought it might help if we give a little explainer. What we’re presenting here isn’t every detail about franchises, nor will every detail necessarily apply to every opportunity and situation. Read on →

A decade ago, no one had heard of escape rooms, but now there seems to be at least one in every town and dozens in each major city. Believe it or not, you can get in on this hugely successful concept and the experts at Evergreen Franchise Advisors can help! The first escape room attractions in the United States opened around 2013, building on the success of similar concepts that started in Japan and quickly spread around the world. Read on →

Sometimes as an entrepreneur, it’s all you can do to make it through the day, and the pressure of what you’ve taken on can weigh on you. In those moments, it can help to have some way to center yourself, something that can serve as a reminder that you can do this big thing you’ve taken on. We’re talking about having a mantra, a little motivational phrase you can repeat to yourself when challenges come your way that can help keep you moving forward. Read on →