The last year and a half has been a scary, uncertain time in many ways, and there has been no shortage of bad news out of the business world. Somewhere around 200,000 American businesses failed, likely as a result of the effects of the pandemic—and that was welcomed as better news than what some feared. With all that and continuing economic and public health uncertainties, plenty of people are probably more than a little doubtful this is the year to give owning a business a try. Read on →

Every time brings its own challenges for starting a business, but this one certainly seems to have well more than its fair share. If you’re thinking of making the move in 2021, here are three tips that could help you be ready to face some of the realities of this era. Be Ready to Pay More for FF&E A combination of factors put the United States into a supply chain crisis in 2021, including staffing issues, shipping halts, and a buying surge resulting from pent-up demand. Read on →

Those who served our country in the armed forces deserve more than our gratitude and respect; they also deserve support as they seek to build their lives when they come home. We at Evergreen are honored and thrilled to be able to provide that, with services that help veterans put the skills they developed in uniform to work serving their communities as civilians. As one of our clients Matt Noe, who now owns a successful franchise location of Fastest Labs in Columbus, Ga. Read on →

If you are considering getting into a franchise, chances are you have a lot of questions. There is also a high likelihood our experts at Evergreen Franchise Consulting have already heard similar questions and can help you find the answers you need. The questions below are just some of the most common we get from would-be entrepreneurs. If you have others, and we would guess you do, please reach out to one of our advisors for help finding the answers you need. Read on →

Starting your own business can be an exciting and scary thing. Evergreen Franchise Advisors’ RISE assessment may be able to take some of the worry out of it and help you find an opportunity you’ll love from the more than 500 leading franchisors we represent. How the RISE Assessment Works If you’re ever taken a personality assessment, one of those tests that ask you a series of questions to determine your traits, you’ll recognize a similar format in the RISE assessment. Read on →